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Last updated Jan 31, 2022


We deliver to the following countries: The Netherlands (NL), Germany (DE), Belgium (BE), Austria (AT), Denmark (DK), France (FR), Italy (IT), Portugal (PT), Spain (ES), Sweden (SE), Australia (AU).


Delivery Classes (Order Lead Time)

We have the following delivery options:

  1. Free: max.2 3 weeks4 starting1 from the next business day after3 ordering [NL, BE, DE].

  2. Free: max.2 3 weeks4 starting1 from the next business day after3 ordering [FR, IT, ES, PT, SE, AT, CH, DK].
  3. Priority: max.2 2 weeks4  starting1 from the next business day after3 ordering  (starting from €99,-) [NL, BE, DE,FR, IT, ES, PT, SE, AT, CH, DK].


The delivery classes measure the days starting from the date of completed payment, which implies the date at which we have received your payment. Most payments transfer instantly, however some payments require a couple of days, check this with your bank.



The delivery classes state a maximum. However, full certainty on this delivery time cannot be guaranteed. This can be caused by, for example, internal delays, third party delays such as carriers, customs or suppliers.


3Business days

Our business days are monday-friday. Execptions are official Feast-Days for the Netherlands according to South-Holland (link) and Thai Feast-Days (link).


4Delivery days

Our delivery days are monday-saturday (for the Benelux) and monday-friday (outside the Benelux).



We are located in the Netherlands and Thailand. Our production takes place in Thailand where we run our own factory (address below). Our management team is Dutch, which includes management in Thailand. It is important to note that this implies that we do not outsource our production. On the contrary, we execute a unique production process which enables us to deliver the superb Neon LED quality very fast.  As a result we transport all our Neon signs from our factory in Thailand.



If you have any questions about our delivery policy or your current delivery status, contact us at your contact page: or via the details below:

NeonLove B.V.
Address: Blaak 520, Rotterdam, 3011TA Zuid-Holland 
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +31854018475
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