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Applications range from home use

(livingroom, bedroom, etc.) to

professional use (bars, restaurants,

salons, offices etc.).

High quality.

Great designs and high quality material.


Low power usage while delivering great lighting.


Precise dimming with a separate dimming controller.

Easy install.

Can be hung directly or mounted to a wall.

Our Neon LED vs Neon Gas

Neon LED has better design. Neon Gas is limited by bending glass. Neon LED is more flexible.

Neon LED is brighter. Significantly brighter with higher visibility in daylight than neon gas.

Neon LED is safer. Uses 12 Volts compared to a minimum of 2,000 Volts for neon gas.

Neon LED is energy efficient. Uses 5 – 10 times less energy than neon gas.

Neon LED is light weight. Made from light weight materials compared to heavy glass tubes for neon gas.

Neon LED lasts longer. Lasts up to 5 times longer that neon gas.

Neon LED is impervious to wear and tear. Glass is fragile and could already crack while installing it.



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Neon LED


Neon LED


Neon LED

“it’s chicken O’clock”

Neon LED

“Ain’t life sweet”

Neon LED

“Sippin Tea At The Table”

Neon LED


Neon LED


Neon LED

“The bar is open!”

Neon LED


Neon LED

“Café Lutz”

Neon LED

Billy’s Bar

Neon LED

“pour un flirt”

Neon LED


Neon LED

“Baby, sleep with me”

Neon LED


Neon LED

“optimize everything”

Neon LED

“Oceane Consulting Data Management”

Neon LED

“Challenge the status quo!”

Neon LED

“Bedankt voor je inzit!”

Neon LED

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